K. C. Leong Photography


Capturing Life

What really excites me as a photographer is the ability to use my nursing skills to do social photography, documentary, hard hitting images.
Humanity, Hospice, Love, Care, Daily Life and Struggle.

Capturing moments that otherwise may go undocumented.
— Kaz Leong


In my images, I strive to capture the emotion, the interconnections, the caring, sheltering, protection and nurturing that is part of family life.

Breastfeeding and caring for babes is a strong theme that I wish to pursue. To me, where circumstance allows, it is a wonderful role of motherhood and precious to the child and parent bond. It is not something to be hidden away but should be highlighted, discussed, documented. An important social message and also a very personal and private record for the mother and child.


Our Shared Humanity

Community, Family, Sense of Purpose, Feeling Needed and Useful, Contributing, Caring for others, Religion, Traditions, Sharing Celebrations, Family and a clear sense of Self Worth is what I aim to document.

In my travels, I have found that no matter where, or the circumstance in which people live, that the common threads of our shared humanity shine through.

From the poorest places, I have often found the happiest people, I do see that the more society has developed, the more blurred the lines of our sense of well-being.



My aim is to explore issues of low self-esteem and expectation of women in their middle to later years and empower them to believe in themselves and their own self-worth.

Being a more mature woman myself I understand the challenges we all face as we age: sagging, loneliness, changes to employment, stresses of dealing with younger and older family members, it is all too easy to lose focus of ourselves and not take the time to appreciate our uniqueness and to embrace ourselves as we are.

Through portraiture and interview, I provoke the woman to think about and acknowledge their own self-perception. I ask them to describe themselves in five simple words, who inspired them and who they inspire.


Life Images

I can see that there is a need for portraits of people who are living with a disability or life-threatening disease. Despite “Diagnosis” they are still loving, giving and caring and should be acknowledged and celebrated, despite the path that life has given them.

Being a nurse for 38 years, specialising in Intensive Care and Anaesthetic Nursing, I have developed a high level of compassion and professionalism. Working with a range of patients, in my images I show respect for all. I understand the challenges faced by those who are terminally ill, and those faced by the families and carers involved within the palliative system.



To capture the essence of my subject, I use natural lighting and allow the subject to settle in and relax, to trust me.

To me, black and white is a more powerful medium. My preference is to lessen the distraction of colour and bring the subject to the forefront.


Kaz Leong

Photographer, Visual Artist, Nurse